The Pickaway County Courthouse was designed by architects Frank Weary and George Kramer and built in 1890. Located at 207 South Court St. in the county seat of Circleville, the building is still in use and today houses the Pickaway County Court of Common Pleas and its Probate and Juvenile divisions.

The courthouse is constructed of stone and brick and has a four-faced clock tower. The courthouse’s lobby features marble floors and smoke-colored marble wainscoting. A Civil War memorial was erected in 1889 on the courthouse grounds using a column from the old courthouse, which was constructed in 1847 but had been outgrown. The 1890 courthouse was constructed on the foundation of the former jail cells.

Pickaway County is named after the American Indian Tribe Piqua, which resided on the Great Miami River in present day Piqua, Miami County.

Judge Jan Michael Long is the Probate and Juvenile Judge for Pickaway County, Ohio serving his third term in office. Prior to his election as judge in 1996, Jan Michael Long was State Senator for the 17th District of Ohio.

In connection with his position as a Judge, he serves on a variety of Judicial Committees, including co-chairman of the Legislative Committee, co-chairman of the Probate Law and Procedure Committee, member of the Juvenile Law and Procedure Committee and Executive Committee of the Ohio Judicial Conference.  Judge Long is President elect of the Ohio Association of Probate Judge’s.  He is also an Adjunct Instructor for the Columbus State Community College, teaching courses in Criminal Law, Juvenile Procedure and Probate Law.

Judges Years in Office Term Information
William Wallace Bierce  1852-1857  Appointed 1852- re-elected in 1854
Seymour G. Renick 1857-1858 Appointed to complete Bierce term
Fred Cogswell 1858-1863 Appointed 1857, re-elected in 1860
 John Walke 1874-1876
William C. Finkle 1874 Appointed until an election
John Walke 1874-1876 Elected to complete unexpired term
Henry N. Hedges, Sr. 1876-1884 Re-elected 1878 and 1881
Albert H. Roose 1884-1888
Daniel J. Myers 1888-1890
Jacob P. Winstead 1890-1897 Re-elected 1893 and 1896, Died in office
Aaron R. VanCleaf 1897-1903 Appointed 1897, re-elected 1899 and 1902
George H. Pontius 1903-1908 Re-elected 1905
Jacob A. Marburger 1908-1911 Died in office
Aaron R. VanCleaf 1911-1913 Appointed 1911
Edgar A. Brown 1913-1920 Appointed 1913, Elected 1915
Joseph W. Adkins, Sr. 1920-1929 Served 2 – 4 year terms
Edgar A. Brown 1929-1933
Charles C. Young 1933-1939
Lemuel B. Weldon 1939-1945
Sterling M. Lamb 1945-1949
George D. Young 1949-1955
Guy G. Cline 1955-1985
Roger L. Kline 1985-1995 Left office early, Appointed to another post
Kay Kolehmainen 1995-1997 Appointed to finish term
Jan Michael Long 1997-Present Re-elected in 2014