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Phone: 740-474-3117
Fax: 740-474-8451
Toll Free: 800-474-8336
Phone: 740-474-3950
Fax: 740-477-3852
Phone: 740-474-1524
Fax: 740-477-3852

Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

We are closed all major Holidays, please see our Holiday Schedule for dates


Juvenile & Probate Staff

Phone Extension


Destiny Binkley, Juvenile Court Deputy Clerk 232 dbinkley@pickawaycourt.com
Kaleigh Bower, Juvenile Court Deputy Clerk 230 kbowe@pickawaycourt.com
Charlesa Canter, Probate Deputy Clerk 241 ccanter@pickawaycourt.com
Mandy Carpenter, Probate Deputy Clerk 243 mcarpenter@pickawaycourt.com
Brenda Cassidy, Fiscal/Grant Administrator 276 bcassidy@pickawaycourt.com
Stacey Ewing, Juvenile Court Deputy Clerk 231 sewing@pickawaycourt.com
Marshall Fields, Courtroom Services & Community Care Coordinator 290 mfields@pickawaycourt.com
Doree Ireton, CASA Volunteer  271 direton@pickawaycourt.com
Jamie Justus, Probation Officer  740-420-3426 jjustus@pickawaycourt.com
Mara McGee, Probation Officer 238 mmcgee@pickawaycourt.com
Terry Leasure, Community Work Hour Coordinator 277 or he can be reached on his cell at 740-207-0313 tleasure@picakwaycourt.com
Jennifer Noble, Administrative Assistant to Judge 233 jnoble@pickawaycourt.com
Rachelle Paisley, MSW, LISW, LICDC 223 rpaisley@pickawaycourt.com
Stacy Planck, Probate Court Deputy Clerk 242 splanck@pickawaycourt.com
Cindy Ramey, CASA Volunteer Coordinator 240 cramey@pickawaycourt.com
Pam Sark, CASA Director 239 psark@pickawaycourt.com
Dave Stevens, Diversion Officer 237 dstevens@pickawaycourt.com
Susan Wears, Probation Officer 236 swears@pickawaycourt.com