Probate Case Type Amount
Estates $164.00
Civils $88.00
No Administration/Will & No Administration $73.00
Short Form $38.00
Short Form with Will $43.00
Step-Parent/Relative Adoption (When multiple children are being adopted by one family, the fee for 2nd, 3rd, etc. Home study is only $50.00 for each additional child.) $415.00
Independent Adoption $140.00
Foreign Adoptions $79.00
Adult Guardianship $211.00
Minor Guardianship $141.00
Name Change $89.00
Wrongful Death $63.00
Trusts $88.00
Minor’s Settlement $63.00
Exceptions (Motion & Entry) $10.00
Authenticated Record (Application/Entry-$15.00, Record-$1.00/page (including Application/Entry), Computer Fund/Research-$13.00) Varies
Admitting Will for Record Only $33.00
Admitting Will for Record Only with tax (if subject to Ohio Estate Tax) $38.00
Birth Registration $35.00
Birth Correction $33.00